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2014 Stallion Service Auction begins January 1, 2014


 2014 IAHLA Stallion Service Auction Terms and Conditions

Please read the Stallion Service Auction Terms and Conditions.  Stallion owners and mare owners/bidders are bound by these conditions whether they have read them or not.  

All bids obligatory. All winning bidders are expected to pay the amount bid on or before March 21, 2014.  

Anyone Can Bid!

  • FIRST, be sure you are registered. You may already be registered if you have placed an ad or bid on auctions. Membership does not assume registration. You must register in the IALHA Ad section to bid.
  • To register, click on the “Register” link at the upper right corner of this page and follow instructions. You do not need to be an IALHA member to bid.
  • You will be held legally responsible for the bid you place, and will receive an invoice shortly after the end of the auction.
  • Winning bids must be paid to IALHA no later than March 21, 2014.
  • Take special notice of the fees for collection and shipping. You will be responsible for paying the stallion owner this amount in addition to the stud fees paid to IALHA ( your winning bid amount).
  • Be sure to visit the websites and review their posted breeding contracts.
  • Contact auction@IALHA.org for any questions about the bidding. Contact the stallion owner for any questions about the stallion, progeny or breeding contract. For technical issues, contact IT@IALHA.org
  • Browse and Enjoy!
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